About Us

At the beginning in 1964 Hovicon was established in Amsterdam, shortly after the start the company moved to Vijfhuizen in Noord-Holland.

In the fifty years that Hovicon exists we have been developed into a specialist in dosing equipment for the catering industry as well as the detergent industry.

The production programme includes a wide range and meets various segments and market needs.

We deliver to importers in countries around the world. The products are also distributed through dealers and manufacturers of sauces and catering equipment and through dealers and manufacturers of hand cleaner and chemicals.

The activities of Hovicon are international and are supported by participation in international fairs in for instance Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. Here we can excellently show our (potential) customers what we have to offer.

In the period that the company exists, more than 50 years, we have managed to acquire a leading position, both nationally and internationally.

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