Soap Dispensers from Hovicon

Hovicon Soap DispensersHygiene is important, especially in health care institutions, food processing and other industrial environments. The vast array of soap dispensers delivered by Hovicon ensures hygiene and efficiency based on a high-quality product.

You can purchase new soap dispensers for regular soap cleansing, however, we also deliver editions for chemical products. Hovicon is your trusted one-stop-shop for all your needs in soap dispensers.

Our soap dispensers: great results for the long run!

Soap dispensers are intensively used in publicly accessible buildings . Customers usually expect a long life cycle, ease of use and reliable hygienic results. We work constantly and efficiently to deliver a high end product as well as constantly working to optimize our dispensers. Our soap dispensers, with lever or button systems, are always of the highest quality.

Our various editions and materials are sure to meet your needs. We deliver a range of dispensers made from a range of materials, from Stainless Steel dispensers to ones build using synthetic materials. You can choose between round or square containers or jerry cans; all our models comply with international Gastronorm standards.

Soap dispensers with an international style:

Our factory in the Netherlands has been manufacturing high-end soap dispensers for over forty years. We have grown to be an international company and our dispensers are sold to organizations worldwide.

You can purchase our complete range of soap dispensers at Hovicon, but we are also a supplier of parts such as lids, buckets and containers. It is our pleasure to advice you about the possibilities and solutions we offer.

For any questions about our soap dispensers, sauce dispenser, lever dispenser or button dispensers, please call us at 0031 (0)23-558 1988, send a fax to 0031 (0)23-558 3606 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can rely on forty years of hygienic success with soap dispensers made by Hovicon!